Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Joys of Home Ownership

Today wasn't unlike any other day.  Work was filled with absolute craziness and I was working my butt off up until the minute Peter arrived...and them kept him waiting a few minutes on top of that.  The ride home was spent unwinding and sharing with each other ridiculous stories from our days.  When we arrived home, Cadi was waiting right inside the door as always.  Everything seemed (what we consider) normal until we entered the kitchen and Peter heard a loud hissing noise.  Upon running downstairs to the basement, we find water all over the floor and spraying out of the hot water heater--great!  Luckily we were able to figure out (rather quickly too!) how to shut the water off and cease the spraying into the basement.  We took the broken cap to the hardware store and got a new one.  After coming home and putting on the new cap and turning the water back on---we have hot water again!  Whew!  This potentially could have been much worse.  I'm glad that it was a quick result and a $5 fix and we actually have an extra cap if it ever happens again since they're sold 2/package.  We'll have to throw out 2 cardboard boxes that got soaked in the process (thankfully they were empty), but other than that, the basement just needs to dry out which shouldn't take long. 

Peter and I intend on doing a bit of waterproofing and major spring cleaning down there anyways so it wasn't much of a big deal.  We're both getting anxious for spring so that we can get to some projects that have been forced to hibernate for the winter.  Technically spring starts next Thursday, but we are still getting snow here and there.  My boss said she got about 9 inches this past Friday and Saturday.  She lives up north near Geneva and where we used to live.  Bummer we missed it!

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RU said...

YIKES! glad it wasn't a major problem and caused no water damage.