Monday, March 3, 2008

A Taste of Spring!

Today Peter and I walked out the door this morning with no coats....NO COATS!  It was in the 50's when we left and got up into the 60's today.  It was sunny and warm, but unfortunately we both had to work inside all day haha.  It was kind of weird for it to be so warm and nice out and still have a few inches of snow on the ground from Friday's weather.  I actually heard birds chirping this morning as we were getting ready for work.  I love the snow and buddling up and everything, but I do love that spring is just around the corner.  Of course it's only the beginning of March, so it's not right around the corner, but close enough haha.  Peter and I are already talking of what projects to do this spring with cleaning up the landscaping and stuff.  Being homeowners is great fun.  Of course our finances don't allow for all of our great ideas, but many of them we can revamp to fit our situation.  We also do a lot of work ourselves which saves mucho money.  HGTV is one of my favorite cable channels and I watch it all the time.  Their home makeovers and upgrades are always extreme with granite countertops and stainless steel appliances, but I do get good ideas for my house....where granite and stainless just wouldn't even look right haha.  I love my first house and love that it has little nicks in the wall and nothing's perfect.  But since nothing is perfect, it all fits together so well!  And for our first home it's awesome and totally amazing.  We're really blessed :)  

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