Sunday, November 23, 2008

This, That and the Other Thing.

This weekend was a hodge podge of to-do's for us. Saturday morning we headed up to good ol' Beaver County to pick up mini recreation of our wedding cake from The Pastry Boutique. Marble cake with bavarian cream filling and butter cream icing. YUM! I was initially going to surprise Peter with the cake on Friday (I ordered it over a month ago), but with Light Up Night, I would've had to miss some work to get it and get back in time so I decided to tell him about it and we drove to pick it up together. Then we stopped at a few stores to get some things we needed. Nothing special. Cleaners, wiper blades, different things like that. Oh, and some disposable containers for Mercy Meals. We had plans to go to a chinese restaurant in Monaca that my family used to go to all the time. But it was closed! I was so disappointed, but we managed to find another place to eat :P

Upon arriving home, we did some cleaning and I put away all of my harvest decorations. And in their place? Christmas ones!! I didn't get everything up, but put a nice dent in the work. Nativity, knick knacks, dishes and the Christmas village are all proudly displayed. I have a few other inside things to get up (wreaths, garlands, stockings) and then all of our outside stuff. We'll probably put up the outside decorations on Sat Dec 6th when we also cut down our tree :) And hopefully sometime between now and then I'll get the rest of the inside stuff done. We decided to get them up now because we'll be gone for Thanksgiving through Saturday night and want to spend time relaxing on Sunday, but will be welcomed home to a nice Christmassy house. Plus, we want the inside decorations out before we get our tree. Probably more than you needed to know, but for some reason I felt the need to explain my decorating decisions for the blog world. Don't ask me why.

I also got my Mercy Meals portioned and in the freezer to take to church this morning. I've joined this ministry because I love to cook and thought it'd be a nice way to get more involved. It's basically providing frozen meals for the church freezer that they use to take to folks in our church who are sick/hospitalized/have a baby/etc. Peter of course was very concerned I was giving away his food :P Little did he know I made more than enough for everyone! I took 6 Mercy Meals to church and our fridge is still stocked with leftovers. And that's after we've eaten the meals at least once!

Now it's time for the 24 2 hour event "Redemption"!  We're so excited for season 7 and not sure we can wait another 6 weeks til it starts!  It'll also be our first time of watching the episodes as they come out, which will be really difficult.  We started watching 24 after a few seasons had already aired so we rented dvds to see them.  And sometimes we'd spend an entire Saturday just vegging out watching endless hours of 24.  Seriously.  Who knows how we'll do this time around!

After church we had lunch and watched some Christmas movies on TV. At different points we each took brief naps too. Though mine was much briefer than Peter's. Checked off our list this afternoon and evening were cleaning the bathroom, organizing the linen closet, cleaning the kitchen and of course-making dinner! I made Chicken Cordon Bleu. (See other post for details.)

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