Sunday, November 9, 2008

Shop Til We Drop!

We didn't quite drop, but we were close by the time we arrived home at nearly 10 PM last night after venturing out a little after noon. But what a fun day! After doing some Saturday morning fall clean up in the yard (raking leaves, taking down windchimes, etc), we went to Pittsburgh Mills to shop with my aunt Paula and then Ashley and Drew drove over and joined us. I was able to check a few more items off my Christmas presents list and really enjoyed seeing shops start putting up Christmas decorations and playing music. I also really enjoyed spending time with all 5 of us. We ate dinner at Olive Garden and shared quite a few laughs :) It was really a fun day and I can't believe we spent the entire day out and about. The only bad thing was that by the time we got home, my back was killing me. I twisted or pulled it or something on Friday and then when Peter and I were raking leaves Saturday morning it flared up. Oh well, a few days and hopefully it'll be gone :)

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