Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Reading Galore!

Peter and I have recently got back into reading a book we started together a while back. It's lots of fun and we've become more intentional about making time to read. For a while we sunk into a habit after work of just vegging out, for too long. Nothing wrong with vegging out, of course. Especially after long days at work. But we had become lazy about things like reading together. Getting back into it has been fun. It's a nice time to share and grow together and our marriage is surely blessed by it.

Oh, and "The Love Dare" book...fabulous so far! It's short and sweet but we can both foresee it being a growning and learning experience for each of us. We've been extremely blessed with good communication between us. Even during the friends/dating part of our relationship, we just openly talked for hours on end. We've also delved into deep areas before even getting engaged or married. It's saved us a lot of heartache and hurt in the long run and we've had a great first + year of marriage because of it. All this to say that I think there's always room for improvement and we're looking forward to seeing how this book, like the other one we are currently reading, will challenge us and help us grow.

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