Saturday, November 15, 2008

Saturday Savings!

Everyone who knows me knows that I clip coupons, get free gift cards through various offers (ie: free $25 gift card with prescription, etc) and love to save money.  It's almost become a game for me to see how much I can save.  Sure, it takes a little bit of effort, but not much.  And when you see the savings, it's so worth it.  

The other day while shopping at Giant Eagle, the 2 guys behind us watched as I saved over $50 in groceries (Paid $89 for over $140 of groceries) and asked Peter if they could hire me to do their grocery shopping!  My answer of course is no.  This thrifty wife is only for one man :)  Well, unless the paid me?  But then they wouldn't really be saving as much as they could if they'd just get off their bums and clip their own coupons.  :P

Today I actually impressed myself with how well we did while shopping.  

Take a look:
$381.93-the value of all the items we purchased today while shopping
$104.29-the amount we paid for the items we purchased
$277.64-how much we saved today :)

21-the number of items purchased today.  Several of them were very good quality sweaters, boots and other Christmas presents.  I also purchased 2 tops for myself from JCP ($82 originally, $5.04 total after all discounts and $0 out of pocket thanks to still having money on my free $50 JCP gift card redeemed 2 months ago through the points from our debit card).  In addition, we got some Christmas decorations, candy, and other various items.

Except for incurring 2 injuries today (a swollen knee and bruised toe), it was a great money-saving day!

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