Sunday, August 31, 2008

We're here!

When I woke up this morning, I was so excited to remember we're on vacation!  I was so excited in fact that I couldn't sleep past 7:30, even though I definitely needed to catch up on some sleep.  In any case, I was up and just enjoyed a few minutes on the deck with the warm sun and cool breezes.  Peter woke up shortly thereafter and after lounging around for a little bit and having breakfast, we headed down to the pool.  After a little over an hour, we came in again since it was getting prime sun time and I didn't want to get burnt.  After reading for a while and doing a whole lot of nothing, we had lunch and then headed to the beach!

Obviously it's our first day because Peter's not tan and I'm not sporting the millions of freckles I get when I've been in the sun.  

Though online the house was advertised as "ocean side", it's not really that haha.  It's not far though, about 4 blocks away.  It's actually a nice little walk to and from the beach.  Upon arriving and walking up the steps, this was our view:

So pretty!

We were still tired from our trip so didn't really get in the water much.  We just laid on our beach towels until our stomachs brought us back to the house for some dinner.  The rest of the evening we just bummed around, making another trip out to the beach for an after-dinner walk. 

The beach at night.  It was kind of humid so the camera picked up on the moisture in the air.

What a fabulous first day of vacation.  I just know this week will fly by!

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