Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Bye Bye Pines!

Jeff came over today and cut down the 3 pine trees in our front yard.  They got them all cut down, chipped, and cleaned up in 2 hours.  It was great!  I made dinner for us all before they got to work and cleaned up and made lunches for tomorrow after.  I couldn't be much help outside so I gave myself a pedicure inside haha.  

I was going to post 2 videos of Peter and Jeff cutting down the first (and biggest at roughly 20 ft) tree but they weren't uploading correctly, so these pictures will suffice.

Then they took all the branches off and chipped them up:

And onto the 2 smaller 15 ft pines...


...and after!

Once again...before...

...and after!  In the first picture you can't even see the beautiful dogwood behind the pine.  This was the biggest pine and I'm glad it's gone.  I used to duck under it getting in/out of the car and when it was raining or droopy it was just even more annoying haha.

You can kind of see here how many trees we had in the yard and that it really was tooooo much! 

We kept the dogwoods on either side because we don't want it totally bare and they really are beautiful in the springtime.

We'll be taking out the stone area and moving the rhododendron and a few other flowers in that area elsewhere.  We're continuing with our theme of simple in the yard and clearing out all the mess from the old owners.  We've had several neighbors compliment us at some point since we've moved in and said they like the work we're doing.  It's gone from looking like an overgrown, unmaintained jungle to a neat and simple home.  

The two people that are doing the majority of all this grunt work.  Boy, am I grateful!  Plus I love Jeff's face in this one haha.

A great picture of great friends:

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