Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Odds and Ends

So far this week has been filled with doing random little odds and ends in preparation for our vacation that is only a few days away.  We've went to the eye doctor to make sure Peter's eye was healing nicely.  We also went to the dentist and had my final appointment.  No more monthly appointments!!!  A year and a half later and all of the agonizing is finally over!  :)  And we got Peter's hair cut and bought a few things that we want to bring with us on vacation.  Oh, and I've started a few loads of laundry so we can start packing tomorrow night.  Our plan is to have the car packed up Friday night except for the food and our "last minute" bag full of items we'll need Saturday morning.  Tomorrow night I'll also begin making some of the food we'll be bringing with us.  I love that we'll be driving so we can just pack the car full of whatever we need/want.  And since we'll have the room I'm going to make food ahead of time again like we did when we went to Cape May last July.  3 days and we'll be there!  Luckily it's been raining down there this week and is supposed to clear up and be sunny and low-mid 80's while were there.  Perfect.

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RU said...

Which beach in NC are you headed to? Since I grew up there, I have been to most of them. Beautiful beaches :) Have a great time- we have enjoyed our beach vacation immensely but are ready to get home to our own bed after being gone for 10 days!