Saturday, August 23, 2008

Commissioning Service

Today Peter and I attended a commissioning service for friends leaving for North Africa.  It was a great service and was good to visit with them briefly before their quickly approaching departure.  It was too hot out though so we didn't stay very long during the picnic.  

Us before heading out:

The fruit salad I made for the "pot-luck" picnic.  It was so yummy because of all of the fresh fruit I was able to use and so I felt the need to snap a photo haha.

After the picnic, we just came home to relax since we've both had long weeks and we needed to just veg out.  I ran out for an hour or two later on to do some errands and then came back made dinner and now we are just watching a Harry Potter movie on TV.  A very low-key night which is just what we need!

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