Friday, August 8, 2008

Coupons are a girl's best friend.

Lately I have been a coupon clipping maniac.  We subscribed to the Sunday paper for $10 for 13 weeks.  Sundays is when they have all the coupons.  I also subscribe online to a few coupon websites.  It's really been paying off.  Though it takes time to clip them all and look at where the best deal is, I am saving mucho money.  I still do the majority of our grocery shopping at Giant Eagle because they do fuel perks so it's a double bonus.  This past week when we went to GE, we spent $92 in groceries.  On the receipt it gives you how much you saved etc and I saved $58!  It's a new record high beating out my previous best of $34.  So we brought home $150 worth of groceries for $92.  It's a good feeling to save so much.  I can never understand why anyone would pay full price for items.  Some of my items were actually free with the doubling of coupons that GE does.  Then this evening on the way home we stopped at RiteAid to get a few items and spent $43.  Savings?  Well...I'll get it all back and actually make 25 cents on the purchase haha.  I get the 2 eye drops we purchased reimbursed through my medical benefit option fund.  The rest comes back in mail in rebates.  RiteAid was actually advertising them all as free.  All you have to do is go get them and then send in for the rebate check.  And it was good stuff too like Crest toothpaste, Olay facial cleanser, Revlon nail polish, etc.  I just can't get enough of bargain shopping and finding good deals. :)

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