Monday, August 25, 2008

Schindel Ranch Summer Gathering

Yesterday we spent the day at the Schindel's with some friends.  A great time was had by all.  Despite the heat.  Note to self: next time bring a swim suit.  All of the guys could jump in the pool in their shorts or a borrowed pair of swim trunks, but the ladies had to just sit by the pool and watch the fun haha.  

Some of these photos I stole from Jeff and some of them I took with his camera.  I brought our camera but left it in the car and when I don't have it in front of me I forget to take pictures.

Jeff really enjoys shrimp.

Barney and Alicia

The boys playing in the pool:

Not a great picture of us, but we were having a good time:

One of the several action shots I was able to capture as the boys played "Shark" in the pool.  This particular jump ended in a belly flop.  Poor Peter!

We had great food and great conversation throughout the day.  Note 2 to self: cheesecake melts in 90 degree heat.  Sorry Kelly!

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