Sunday, August 31, 2008

775 Myrtle Court

This is the house we're staying at this week!  Isn't it great?!

This is the front.  I love all of the decks.  On the second story deck is the hot tub and a picnic table.  On the third store is a sun bathing deck with chairs and also a dining set on a screened in porch.  

This is the queen master bedroom on the third floor where Peter and I are staying.  

And our fish overload bathroom haha.  There are fish curtain hooks and fish pictures on the wall too.

The nice, fully stocked kitchen.

Dining area:

Super comfy living room:

Another shot of the living room:

Queen bedroom on the second level:

The kids room.  This room has a super nintendo in it, with TV, VCR, Disney movies, games, etc.  There's also a pull out trundle bed under the bunks.  This place is definitely big enough for way more people haha.

Another shot of the kids room.  All bedrooms have TVs in them too.

Queen master bedroom on the second level where Tim and Vasti will be.

The super sweet lighthouse bathroom.  I like the decor in this room the best haha.

Hot tub on second level deck:

Peter checking out the second deck.  There's also a swing on this deck too.  

The gameroom downstairs.  it has a pool table in it amongst other fun things.

There's even a washer/dryer with a foldout cot here.  And the futon can sleep another person haha.  Definitely enough room for more than 5 people.  I plan on doing laundry before we leave so we can have clean clothes when we get back home haha.  Of course I won't let it cut into vacation fun time :P

The pool where I'll be most of the time!

There are steps down into the pool on each side where you can also sit which is nice.  I plan on reading here a lot.  And there's a picnic table for lunch. :)

This house is super nice and the online page didn't do it justice.  There are even beach chairs, etc. here which is good since we forgot ours at home.  We thought about buying new ones, but when we saw they were $40 for the cheapest ones, we decided to just sit on towels.  Lucky for us, we don't have to haha.  

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RU said...

I hope you get good weather while there and the hurricane Hanna doesn't bring rain until you have left! Enjoy the R/R.