Monday, August 11, 2008

35 cents pays for dinner.

Tonight Peter and I had dinner for 70 cents.  Not each, but total.  Wondering how?  Well here's how it happened.  I bought rice pilaf at GE last week for free with the double coupons.  And I bought a pound of fresh green beans on sale for 99 cents a pound.  Well we used half of those in last night's dinner and the leftover for tonight's.  So half of 99 cents is about 50 cents.  For the meat, we picked up Jack Daniel's sesame chicken strips from TGIFridays on the way home from the eye doctor's.  They are $8 with tax etc but I had a coupon for a free appetizer for up to $8.  So the total came to 21 cents.  That with the 50 cents is about 70 cents.  Divided by two = 35 cents for dinner.  So when we came home we had a nice 35 cents dinner of sesame chicken strips, rice pilaf and fresh green beans.  I can't believe how cheap it was haha.  This is really the cheapest I've been able to make dinner.  Usually it hovers around $2-$4 per person.  Sometimes I have a hard time eating out because I can make the meals for a whole lot less at home.  I'm breaking financial records this week with coupon savings and dinners!  It's such a good feeling to save money.  

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Andrew said...

cool beans! ... errr.. i mean chicken strips.