Monday, September 1, 2008

All play and no work :)

This morning before heading to the pool, we snapped a picture against our tropical fish shower curtain.  It served as a nice backdrop I think haha.  Very fitting for the beach.

We read in/by the pool for the entire afternoon, taking occasional breaks to swim around.  Then we had lunch and headed to the beach again.  

This huge seagull came up less than 3 feet from us.  I have never really seen seagulls walk up to people unless they had food haha.  It was kinda neat.

Today the Atlantic Ocean really kicked my butt. We were out jumping waves and I totally got pummeled! I'm sure I gave near by beach goers quite a show! There was actually like this big ditch in the middle of the ocean floor near the shore. It went from shallow to deep and then back to shallow. So we were working on getting past the ditch area into the ocean and while talking to Peter a wave came up behind us. Peter was like "watch out!" and thinking that it'd be better to turn my back instead of taking the crash of the wave face on, I quickly spun around, getting knocked over and losing my sunglasses, 1 diamond earring and my bathing suit bottom started falling down. Knowing that there was a roughly 40 yr old man boogie boarding nearby, I quickly grabbed for my bathing suit to cover my butt. In the process the sunglasses were lost. Upon arriving at the surface I discovered one of my earrings was gone too. What a bummer. I totally loved those glasses haha. On the plus side, no one had to see my bare butt! To anyone on the beach it probably looked like I was thrashing around in knee deep water since you couldn't tell it got deeper for a spot in the ditch type area. 

After resting up on shore for a bit after my beating from the Atlantic, we decided to go back to the house and shower up and go out and grab some dinner.  And to look for some new sunglasses for me.  

We wanted to get a picture with this picture on the wall in our house because it says "Our Beach House", but Peter's head blocked out some of it.  Oh well-we know what it says haha.

Unfortunately we forgot it was a holiday, so many places were closed.  We thought we'd head out to the lighthouse, but upon arriving there found out it was only open 9-5 and it was after 6.  Bummer.  So we grabbed some Subway and ate in the car.  After an unsuccessful search for sunglasses, we decided to make the 30 minute drive down to WalMart to look for that and a cheap earring I can wear so my hole doesn't close up.  Yes, second earring holes close up really fast.  

While driving down Rt 12, the only major road here, we saw a great sunset and decided to park the car and get out and watch it.  

You obviously can't see us in this picture because the sunset is behind us, but I still like how it turned out with our silhouettes.

I really wanted to venture out to the end of this dock where these 2 benches were.  I initially saw them on the way into town, but again tonight.  Unfortunately, when we ventured to the dock, it was marked as private property.  I was so disappointed!  This is just such a peaceful looking place to sit.

On our way back to the car, we saw this little lake-ish area with a few of these black swans.

At WalMart I was able to find a replacement pair of sunglasses.  They're not my favorite, but they do the trick and aren't terribly uncomfortable or anything.  And they were only $10 so not that bad.  I also got some studs for my ears and hope they don't get lost this week too haha.  

Upon arriving back to the house, I continued playing Super Nintendo.  They have Mario Bros.  so I've been playing my way through the game.  At first I couldn't remember any of it, but little by little it's coming back.  It's been bringing back memories from my childhood and playing with my siblings and always having my brother Erik beat the hard boards for me haha.  

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