Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Cleanest Kitchen in PA

After work today Peter and I cleaned our kitchen from top to bottom, including taking all of the shelves and drawers out of the fridge and giving that and the freezer a good scrub down.  I figured since it was empty from the power outage that we should take advantage of the opportunity to clean it.  

Peter went to pick up the food from Jerry's and the coolers we took over the first time were sticky inside for some reason so when he called I said just dump it in the trunk of the car haha.  Luckily 2 folks from church were there to help him.  Here's what the trunk looked like when he got back:

It's kinda hard to see since it was dark out and we took it with his iPhone, but it was a trunk full of frozen foods haha.  He brought them in and I organized them back into our 5ft stand up freezer and then what needed to go upstairs again.  

Our fridge/freezer in the kitchen looks more empty than they used to because the fridge no longer has the half used marinades, etc in it.  And I only put a few things in the freezer for now. 

All in all it was a night of working on getting our kitchen back in order.  We're very glad to have power again and it even feels good to have a completely cleaned and organized kitchen and fridge/freezer.

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