Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Thanks a lot, Ike!

Remnants of Hurricane Ike hit the Pittsburgh area on Sunday evening. Winds reaching over 75 mph were even reported! Thanks to Ike our power went out around 9 PM on Sunday night and as of this morning when we left for work, it was still out. Over 36 hours. Luckily we were able to empty our 5 ft stand up freezer into a friend's until our power comes back on. When I thought of losing all of that food, I was clear sick. We would have had a huge neighborhood cookout before I just threw it out. Even though there is only 2 of us, I buy in bulk. Simply because it's cheaper and we have the stand up freezer in the basement (that we purchased for $40 on craigslist) to put it in. We also cleared out some fridge items, but will have lost maybe $25-35 in food that we weren't able to put anywhere. All in all, not bad. Not as bad as Texas that's for sure.

I called my office yesterday morning before leaving home, just to make sure they had power. They did. Until I arrived haha. Literally, a minute after I got to work and set my purse down at my desk, the power went out. And didn't come back on all day haha. We were dispersed to different places to work and I even got to hang out at Peter's office a bit to do some work. At 1:00 I called it a day and Peter and I headed home after stopping for lunch. We both had a wonderful nap and then moved the food. We had to eat dinner out again and grabbed a pizza. When we got home to a dark house, we lit some candles and played cards for a bit before heading to bed. We've really been catching up on sleep the past 2 days haha.

Today we both had power and internet at our offices so we've just been working away now. Wondering if when we return home in a little over an hour if they'll be any power.

We were talking on the way home from dinner last night that even with the misfortune of no power, we are so blessed. Blessed to have a full freezer of food and a place to store it until we have power again and blessed with a home and everything in it. And it's a beautiful fall week to have lost power. We didn't lose it until after the humidity of Sunday went away. So it's been breezy and cool. Could've been in the dead of summer or winter when it's boiling or freezing.

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love the picture at the top, autumn is the best!