Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The second half of vacation!

So I was lazy and didn't make any additional posts while on vacation.  Here's a picture update of the second half. :)

Relaxing on the beach.  This was the day I lost those sunglasses in the ocean.  :(

The old schoolhouse we visited on Labor Day.

Another view of the old Corolla Schoolhouse.

The wild growing cactus plant Peter spotted:

Another beautiful sunset picture.  That's actually a restaurant that has a spot where you can go out onto the water to eat.  We didn't eat there because it was packed.  Plus we had already eaten dinner.  :P

Bella has grown up so much and is absolutely adorable!  It just warmed your heart when she came up the stairs saying "good morning!"

Uncle Peter reading Bella a book:

We went to the beach every day.  It was glorious.  I loved just hearing and watching the waves hit the shore.

Enjoying the beach :)  And trying not to miss my old sunglasses too much haha.

"Say cheeeeeese!!"

Peter and Tim enjoyed some frisbee and I was able to snap an action shot of each of them:

How cute is she?!

It was so great to spend part of our vacation with Tim, Vasti, and Bella.  We were able to get to know each other more which was a real blessing.  We've visited everyone else in the family and spent separate time getting to know everyone, but haven't had the time to do so with them yet.  We were so glad to have this opportunity and look forward to doing more things like this in the future.

Peter and Tim making a sandcastle.  Vasti and I helped make some tunnels, too.  After that, the castle making ceased to exist haha.

Our gateway to the beach! haha

Hanna hit on Friday evening-Saturday and we ended up staying until Sunday morning because of the conditions.  We didn't want to risk anything or drive in the storm all day.  Luckily no one rented the house the week after us so we could just stay there.  Sunday morning was sunny and beautiful and we snapped a few pictures before heading home to PA. 

Here's a group shot of all of us :)

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wow, looks like a grand ol time :)