Sunday, September 21, 2008

Weekend Productivity

Things we did this weekend:
1. Recaulked bathroom tub
2. Touch up painting in bathroom
3. Visited aunt Paula
4. Trimmed hedges
5. Weeded all front garden areas
6. Weed N Feed all grass in front and back
7. Transplanted the flowers in the front area we are turning to grass to a garden area
8. Cleaned bathroom
9. Put all spring/summer stuff away from the front
10. Put out my pumpkins, mums, indian corn and bale of hay on the front porch (yay for Fall!)
11. Gave myself a pedicure with crimson/rust colored polish
12. Gave myself a natural manicure with a 7 way filer to bring out natural shine, etc.
13. Got a hair cut
14. Made homemade alfredo sauce

What a good, busy, and fun weekend. And I'm sad it's over, but time sure is flyin' these days.

1 comment:

Andrew said...

wow. more productive than i for sure. nice work