Saturday, January 12, 2008

A very welcomed weekend.

When I woke up this morning and saw 6:41 on the clock, my first thought was "oh great, only 20 more minutes of sleep...I need more."  Then I realized it was Saturday and a smile crept its way across my face as I drifted back into a sweet slumber.  The next time I woke up it was nearly 10 AM.  :)  

This week at work has been particularly exhausting for me just because my energy levels are still low from this dumb cold....that I still's been 2 weeks.  Yuck.  Last week I was barely able to move and only worked 1 full day.  This week I worked the entire week as usual and it's been tiring.  Just showering and getting ready in the morning proves to be trouble because I get tired haha...and the day hasn't even started.  Luckily I can sit while at work and pace myself.  Nothing too pressing was going on this week, but still time sensitive things were taking place.  We're hiring for a bunch of spots so I was swamped with resumes and phone calls to make interviews, etc.  Early on in the week the VP of our company asked if I was allergic to work or if I was ever going to get better haha.  Two days later he told his wife (the CEO haha) to leave me alone because I was dying and deserved to expire in peace.  

It's just such a drag to be sick for so long and the energy thing is driving me nuts!  I feel like I can do things and then I get up to doing them and feel like death haha.  Oh well....hopefully I'll get better soon!

In other news, we saw Barney this week which was fun.  He has a sweet new apt and is working at the Hampton Inn.  It seems like a cool job because he can swim/work out/eat breakfast for free if he feels like it.  We ordered pizza and watched "3:10 to Yuma".  It's a cowboy movie with Russell Crowe in it.  I love him as an actor and it was overall a good movie.  It was the first movie I've seen with RC playing the bad guy.  It was good to see him kind of turn around at the end.  I also found it interesting how he and "Dan" connected on the issue of pride....I think it's a guy thing haha...jk. 

I'm extremely happy that it's the weekend and we can relax.  Last night we booked our flight, rental car, and hotel for February when we fly to Chicago to see Andrew!  We are getting such an incredible deal on the rental car because Enterprise does 50% off's going to be $51 for the entire weekend for an intermediate sized car.  We're staying at a Marriott for $129 for all 3 nights because we have a $100 cheque from Marriott through the rewards program with our bank, National City....just for using our debit card we rack up points and can cash them in for all kinds of things.  So we saved $100 without going out of our normal routine of purchasing things, etc.  Flights to Chicago are only $49 one way so that's really the most expensive part, but still not bad.  Overall it will be about $500 for a 4 day/3 night trip to see him.  We're excited to see his campus, apt, etc.  

We have plans to meet up with Jeff and Steph tonight which will be fun. :)  The only downside to the any that we wait so long for it to be Friday after work and in what seems to be the blink of any's Monday morning again.  I hate that haha.

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Andrew said...

yay! you're coming to visit! woohoo. hopefully i won't get you sick.