Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The Shrink Dynamic

We shrink the size of our lives to....the size of our lives.  Meaning....we focus our entire life on us...on our kingdom...instead of everything else that's out there...instead of focusing on God's kingdom.  

What a great talk we had at bible study last night thanks to David Schrader.  He was talking from Daniel 4 and really hit a great point of our own kingdoms vs God's kingdom.  It made me think of the song "In the Blink of an Eye" by MercyMe and the line that says "How can I further your kingdom when I'm so caught up in mine?"  And it's so true.  We can't.  It's either God's kingdom or ours.  

I think that with everything I do...everything I say....I'm making a choice, perhaps subconsciously, of either building up God's kingdom or my own.  Don't get me wrong...I think that there are plenty of times when my kingdom and God's coincide.  But what about when they don't? 

And what about the Shrink Factor?  The fact that my selfish mistakes...turns my focus to my own life and only my own life.  Suddenly there is tunnel vision and all I can see is me.  What I want.  What I am doing.  Instead of focusing on that...I can give it up to God and allow Him to reign over my life.  I can further His kingdom by demonstrating trust and faith in Christ.  Or I can try to further my kingdom by continuing to focus on me.

I'm still mulling this over in my mind, but think that this could tie into my earlier post from Sunday's sermon and giving thanks instead of complaining.  I think that the change in attitude can coincide with furthering God's kingdom instead of my own and that they may work simultaneously. 

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