Sunday, January 6, 2008

24 junkies

Today was fun and productive.  Peter and I went to church and then came home and had some leftover pizza for lunch.  We started season 6 of 24 today too!  We've been holding off because we watch them 4 episodes at a time haha and we didn't want it to consume us during the holiday season.  We watched the first 4 episodes from some website.  After that, we decided it was time to take down the Christmas decorations.  So sad :(  Peter worked on taking down all the ornaments and lights from the tree as I put all our holiday knick knacks away and brought out our usual things.  Peter also took down all of our lights outside and then the tree went out the door for garbage pick up tomorrow.  The house looks different again...somehow it feels a little more empty because the tree isn't here haha.  It feels good to have gotten that all done though and all the boxes are back down in the basement.  We also swept and dusted all downstairs and cleaned the kitchen.  I changed the bedsheets tonight too.  Tomorrow night we plan on sweeping and dusting the upstairs and cleaning the bathroom.  I feel like I'm finally starting to get over this dumb cold so I was cleaning everything haha.  Although I am still taking medicine and my voice is still hoarse and my nose is still stuffy and my energy is still low.  Bummer.  It'll probably be another week before I really feel good.  

Since I'm still not 100%, we took it easy while cleaning and taking down decorations.  We took a break in the middle of it to eat dinner.  Peter made dinner tonight and it was sooo yummy!!!

Here he is in action with all 4 burners going at once!  This usually freaks him out because he's not good at multitasking with cooking, but I was helping him a little bit so he will get more used to it.  He's such a cutie pie.  He keeps learning how to cook more and more so that he can share in making dinner sometimes.  :)  Usually he's my helper and does the dishes which is already a huge help, but there are nights where I'm tired or sick or whatever and he so nicely steps in and makes dinner.  What a sweetheart :)

The final product...Turkey cutlets with Italian cheese & herb rice and french cut green beans :)  He made enough for lunch tomorrow too!  

While eating dinner, we watched the 5th episode in 24 online.  We were going to watch one more but it wasn't on the website so our only option was to buy it somewhere online which we vetoed.  We decided instead to stop at Family Video this week and pick up the DVDs for much less.  I love Family Video...they are so cheap for renting movies and tv shows, etc!  

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