Saturday, January 26, 2008

Flying Solo

It saddens me to say that I'm spending the weekend solo.  Peter had to go on a last minute trip to Washington DC for work.  Suffice it to say that neither of us were happy and that several of the circumstances surrounding the unexpected trip were quite ridiculous and the trip was actually prolonged due issues unrelated to work.  

After getting up with Peter for a few minutes at 6 AM (He was actually up closer to 5 to get ready etc) I hugged and kissed him goodbye and wished him well for the next 36 hours.  Then I was up for a little bit and eventually fell back asleep for a while.  I caught another hour or so of sleep but continued to stay in bed until after 11 AM :)  This past week I had been reading "A Moment of Weakness" by Karen Kingsbury and wound up reading most of it Friday night and Saturday morning.  I am nearly finished with it and very anxious to see how it turns out!  Karen Kingsbury is a fabulous writer.  After a brief lunch and quick shower, I decided to head out and go shopping for the afternoon.  I bopped around Monroeville to Kohl's, Family Christian Bookstore, Value City Furniture, Michaels, Bed Bath & Beyond, Marshalls and Giant Eagle.  

Obviously I had a lot of time to waste haha.  I got a ton of great buys though!  I bought 2 pairs of knit capris and 1 pair of denim capris and a skirt at Kohl's.  The total was a few cents over $20 and I still had nearly $30 on a gift card.  I also bought a few Christmas florals for next year and 2 packs of candy canes for $4.88 at Michaels....which didn't even equal 1 of the florals' original price haha.  All Christmas stuff was 90% off!  At Bed Bath & Beyond  I bought a runner for our upstairs hallway for $8 since I had an extra 20% off coupon.  I found new sneakers at Marshalls for $35.  They are New Balance and wide which is great for me.  :)  I also picked up a sprinkles kit.  It's divided into 4 kinds of sprinkles which I thought was neat.  My final stop was Giant Eagle to get some groceries.  I also picked up 8 tubes of chapstick because they were on sale for 99 cents each!  I was really pumped because I usually wait until we go to WalMart (which is increasingly rare because we don't have one close by) because they are $1 at WalMart and usually $2 at Giant Eagle.  I also picked up more propel, pasta and a few other things that were on sale and cake mix and frosting.  I decided to make a chocolate cake with buttercream icing and use some of my new sprinkles!  

I arrived home just in time before the sleet/freezing rain hit.  I was actually in the midst of one of the several trips it took to unpack the car when it started.  I was very glad to be home before it got nasty out.  I unpacked all the groceries and put them away.  Then I popped 2 slices of leftover pizza from Thursday night in the little oven and made a cake while I waited for them to be done.  While I ate dinner I watched some TV and was finally able to talk to Peter for more than a few minutes here/there throughout the day.  It was good to hear his voice and catch up a bit.  He had to sit in the lobby of the hotel to talk since his boss was in the same room (but separate bed!) as him.  We decided he needed to go rest so we talked on IM for a while after that.  It reminded me of the endless hours we used to chat online during college :)  When my cake was done and cooled I iced it and ate a piece while watching "Pretty Woman" on TV.  I haven't had cake in a long time and it was soo yummy!  Perfectly moist and the icing was the best!  Around 10 I decided to get into bed.  I finished the movie and then read the rest of my book.  It was such a good read and really tugged at my heartstrings!  

Now it's time to catch some sleep!

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