Sunday, January 27, 2008


For the first time in ages, there was finally a new episode of Shark on TV tonight at 8!  I was sooo excited and couldn't wait to see it!  Of course it was great, but now it's left with a great cliff-hanger and I want to see the next episode...but who knows when that'll be?  Hopefully next Sunday!  

Even better than that, Peter came home today!  He was home this afternoon and I was so glad to see him!  I spend the morning lounging around, cleaning a bit, and watching movies.  It was snowing really badly so I didn't go to church because I'm quite honestly terrified to drive in snow haha.  I know, kinda pathetic, but true.  I'm so glad I have Peter to drive me around!  The snow was supposed to stop by 8 am, but it snowed until after Peter got home around 3 PM.  It was really heavy at first and quickly covered the ground and amounted to about 2 inches.  Then it slowed down and even rained for a bit and melted some of the snow.  Then it snowed more haha.  When Peter got home, we talked for a while and I showed him all of my good bargains from yesterday.  Then we watched "Air Force One" together, ate some dinner and have just been layin' low since.  

Right now we're watching this Guinness Book of World Records thing on TV.  It's interesting, but some of them are just ridiculous and others are simply disgusting haha.  

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