Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Pictures from NJ

Well I finally got around to importing the last bit of pictures from our digital camera and found the ones from our trip to Madison, NJ.  Instead of coming home on Friday after Christmas, we drove up there to visit Aunt Grace, Uncle Michael, John-Paul and Laura.  We stayed overnight and left Saturday morning.  It was a fun trip and we were glad to have seen them for more than just Christmas day.  

This is a self-shot that I actually took.  It turned out pretty well....usually I'm not too good at the self-shots.  

We got to see their (GORGEOUS) new home and got the grand tour from Aunt Grace.  The house was huge and absolutely beautiful.  

Friday night they took us out to eat at Park Ave Club.  It was cool to see an old barn converted, but still having original architectural elements to it.  Dinner was also fantastic.  I had salmon :)  I even had some wine that I liked!  Usually I'm not a big fan of wine, but whatever we had was good.  I'm still a frozen margarita girl at heart haha.  I think it's hereditary.  

Us before we left the house for dinner...I look exhausted haha.  But it's a great picture of Peter :)  

Uncle Michael was so funny with his bib....especially when he ripped it off and the back part stayed on.  I don't think I've seen Aunt Grace laugh that hard before! :)  Uncle Michael really wined and dined us and we had a great time visiting with all of them.  They've been so kind and generous to us...it's really been a blessing.  I'm glad we got to spend some quality time with them.  And I finally got to meet Uncle Michael!  (And all this time I thought he was made up... :P)

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