Monday, January 21, 2008

An extra day off!

Today was a great day off full of productivity and rest! Peter was working so that he can take off President's Day in Feb when we go to Chicago so I was flying solo. I woke up and had breakfast while I watched a very sad movie--"Away From Her". It had me crying quite a few times throughout the movie. I found myself caught up with Grant and wishing Fiona would remember him and their life together. It was definitely a tear jerker. I was disappointed in one part of the movie when Grant and Marian are together. While I was watching the movie I also dusted and reorganized our media shelf with our DVDS/PS2 games/VHS tapes and our bookshelf. After the movie, I cleaned the kitchen up a bit and also the dining room. Then I threw some clothes on and went to the mall. I had a return at JCP and found a couple great buys. I was able to get a pair of jeans for $11 and a thermal shirt from Gap for $4. I love them to sit around the house in. :) Apparently the entire mall is having clearance sales with extra percentages off of their clearance racks...which are plentiful this time of year. I perused the racks, but wanted to get home sooner than later so didn't spend too much time and only went in 3 stores. I was able to get a Valentine's card and present for my hubby which I'm happy about :) Around 2:00, the mall started getting super packed and so I hurried for the exit and went home haha. I came home and cleaned the office and living room and switched loads in the washer/dryer. I also watched a movie I had DVRed a few days ago from Lifetime. It was alright but kind of dumb. Peter called shortly after the movie was over and while I was still cleaning the office and said he was on his way home and was hungry so I went and made salmon cakes with rice pilaf and green beans for dinner. It was ready just as he got home so we sat down and ate toghether at 5:30. Then I finished cleaning the office and cleaned the bathroom and our bedroom and put clean flannel sheets on the bed. Then Peter and I had a snack and got showers and hopped into bed. It's not even 9:30 but it's good to be all clean and relaxing. G'night!

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