Friday, June 11, 2010

San Francisco, Day 5

Today was our last day in San Francisco. Boo hoo! Luckily, Peter didn't have anything to attend for WWDC so we headed to Fisherman's Wharf for the day!

Me and my hunny at Fisherman's Wharf :)

Nothing but blue skies today!

At the suggestion of our friend Dave, we decided to make In-N-Out our lunch spot for the day.

We'd never been to In-N-Out before so we were hoping that it was going to be good!

And it was! It was super crowded since it was lunchtime on a Friday. Once I spotted an open table, I ran over to grab it so that when Peter got the food, we'd have a place to sit. We both got burgers, fries, and a shake! Yum, yum, and yum!

We realized that we could've shared a thing of fries, but other than that, we devoured every bite!

We then spent some time just walking around and enjoying our last day in San Francisco.

We're getting pretty good at these self shots! The fact that the viewfinder can turn around so that we can see ourselves really helps. :P

The water was so pretty to look at, but was probably freezing cold.

I loved sitting and just looking at the Golden Gate Bridge in the background. We sat for a while just soaking in the fresh air and sunshine. We also did some people watching which is always fun!

Two peas in a pod:

Oh, and we can be normal, too.....sometimes.

I love sailboats. I've never been sailing, but I always love to take pictures of them. Maybe someday I'll actually go sailing.

Me enjoying our last day in SF:

We saw this guy and could not stop laughing at his hat. We joked for a while how this would be Peter or Andrew when they got older. I told Peter that if it was him, that I'd never let him get a hat like that! haha

My handsome man:

This kid was playing the trumpet and was super good! It was like a free little jazz concert.


I didn't buy any candy, but it was fun to stop in and take some pictures.

We also went down to Pier 39 to see the sea lions and watch some street performers.

Me again :)

At the pier:

We didn't actually go down onto the pier because it was super crowded. The area that we were at didn't have any people and we could see just as well. :)

We too the walk up to North Beach area where there are a bunch of great restaurants. We made reservations at Pinocchio's. Our waiter at Zingari the other night had suggested it. Unfortunately for me, I ended up not liking my dinner at all. :( Peter, the sweetheart that he is, tried to make it better by ordering dessert for me when I was in the bathroom. He ordered tiramisu, which I don't like haha. It has the ladyfingers that are soaked in espresso and I'm not a fan of coffees at all. He didn't know! He heard the waiter say chocolate so he thought of me. The tiramisu was actually not too bad. The espresso wasn't too overbearing of a flavor so it was actually the best I've had. I didn't eat the whole thing, but it really wasn't bad. I'm sure those who like tiramisu would've actually loved it!

We stopped at some local souvenir shops and I got Ashley a mug and myself an I <3>

I can't believe our time in SF is coming to an end. We're super sad about it, but thankful to have had the chance to come back. It's really one of the major perks to Peter's job and I'm glad that I was able to get a break from work and join him!

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