Wednesday, June 9, 2010

San Francisco, Day 3 - part 2!

This evening Peter and I headed out to find a Chinese restaurant. It was super cheap so we shared 3 different items. We didn't realize how huge the portions were though! We thought since it was cheaper that it'd be smaller. Wrong! Oh well. As you can see, Peter's loving the spread of food they brought out.

After dinner we decided to visit Grace Cathedral. Unfortunately, it closed at 5 PM. We did walk around the outside to look at it and take some pictures. I really loved this huge doors!

We found a door that was open and thought we got lucky and would be able to see inside! Apparently there was some local meeting so only the basement area was opened. I did luck out though because I was able to use their restrooms before the 30 minute trek back to the hotel.

I also liked seeing these old wooden seats.

The cathedral is beautiful from the outside so I imagine the inside is just as well. We are hoping to stop back another day this week before we head home.

On our walk back to the cable cars, I saw this window balcony that I just loved:

This shield with the F in it was for some hotel, but Peter and I decided it was also for Formica. :)

All in all, another fun day in SF!

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