Thursday, June 10, 2010

San Francisco, Day 4

Today Peter had nothing to do all morning so we took advantage of it by planning a trip to the San Francisco Botanical Gardens! Since the passes we bought for the cable cars also work on the trains/buses, it didn't cost us anything to get there! The gardens are also free to get into before 10 AM so we decided to get there in time for free admittance.

We grabbed Starbucks in the morning before the train and had our breakfast on the train. Nothing like an iced chai and banana chocolate chip muffin to start the morning!

My and my hunny :)

It was a beautiful morning and so lovely to spend it walking around the gardens with my love. The only downer was a call from work for me that I had to deal with. It wasn't bad though since it was my co-worker asking for help. refreshing!

I love this guy! :)

Here's a bunch of pictures from the SF Botanical Gardens:

Cool shot of a spider's web that Peter took.

Peter is so silly and is always so much fun to be with. He makes me laugh all the time, and I just love that about him!

Cool bamboo structure:

We saw this women outside of the Japanese Gardens, but didn't know if she worked at the gardens, or was just hanging out there? We think it was the latter...

This thing was so weird. It unrolled on the plants. We called this the hairy legged plant. Who knows what it really is??

The squirrels must be used to being fed by visitors because they weren't shy at all! I think they could've actually used a little dose of healthy fear!

My handsome hubby:

More beautiful shots from the gardens...

The flowers were so pretty. They were all in bloom and so colorful!

We sat at the pond area for a while and watching the ducks and geese.

Love this cute bench. We would've sat on it if it wasn't covered in geese poop!

Peter did a great job capturing a photo of this little guy:

More beautiful flowers:

After the gardens, we headed to grab some lunch. We decided to also stop at the cathedral on the way back as well. (Separate post to follow...)

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