Tuesday, June 8, 2010

San Francisco, Day 2 - part 2!

I'm trying to explore the area some more so this afternoon I ventured to Union Square! I took a walk there and read my book for a while and also enjoyed people watching. It was quite the busy place, and has lots of people coming and going all day.

This is one of the steps into Union Square. I really like the huge heart with US behind it. As you can see, it was another beautiful day in San Francisco!

I really loved this florist shop. The flowers were just so beautiful and reminded me of when I used to work at a floral shop. (Although the one I worked out wasn't nearly as cool as this one!)

There are a lot of high end stores around Union Square, including Williams-Sonoma. I've never been in one and certainly wouldn't purchase anything because of their outrageous prices, but it was still fun to look and helped to pass the time. :)

I thought this was cool. They have live demonstrations of using different products and cooking things.

I loved some of the things in this store and though this table was just beautiful.

Lots of wooden utensils!

This another entrance to the square from the side the Williams-Sonoma.

View of the outside of the store from across the street:

I thought that these were very cool looking. I have no idea what they are though???

A view of the busy streets of SF:

When Peter finished up at WWDC for the day, he met up with me and we headed to dinner. We just googled different restaurants and decided on one that sounded good - Zingari. Boy, was it a great place!

Peter with his glass of wine before dinner:

My yummy dinner:

Peter's wild boar dinner (also yummy!):

I even had a glass of white wine with dinner. I didn't know what to get and left it up to our waiter. I can't remember what it was, but it was good!

Us at dinner:

This was my favorite part - dessert! We both had gelato - chocolate for me and vanilla for Peter. They served it with a cookie and strawberries. YUM!

A view of the outside of the restaurant:

On our way out, we heard music and discovered live jazz in the hotel lobby that connects to Zingari. They were just warming up, but we stayed and listened for a few minutes. Maybe we'll go back later in the week!

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