Wednesday, June 9, 2010

San Francisco, Day 3

Here's a recap of what I did this morning...

Breakfast with my hunny:

This was my favorite breakfast joint. I'm not big into the eggs, bacon, etc. but I do love a muffin with hot chocolate in the morning! Peter got some sort of egg, toast, bacon combo which he enjoyed too so we made this a regular place that we visited the next few days for breakfast.

After breakfast I decided to attempt to find a mall that I had googled last night. It was around the block from where we had breakfast so it wasn't too hard to find. The only problem I encountered was that it wasn't open yet when I got there. I had to kill about 20 minutes in a nearby cafe before heading back.

The mall was named Westfield and was very cool inside. There was a place called Bristol Farms that was just a store/market, but I took some pretty cool photos of it.

Here's one area of Bristol Farms:

They had an abundance of beautiful, fresh flowers in their floral shop.

Chocolatier! Yummy!

Gerber Daisies are my favorite :)

This fudge looked sooo yummy. I exhibited some self control and passed since I was going to be eating gelato after lunch.

More beautiful flowers:

The other side was more of a food market and had all kinds of fresh food options.

Tons of cheeses!

More cheeses! They also had a big salad bar that they were just setting up and fresh seafoods and a bakery too. I must've gotten pre-occupied by this point since I didn't take any more pictures haha.

After exploring more of the Westfield shopping center, I headed to Yerba Buena Gardens. I walked all around and explored the area. I even watched them setting up for the WWDC concert that was going to be taking place that week. I saw a cool looking tea lounge that I would've definitely checked out if I hadn't still been full from breakfast.

Here's a shot of people setting up for the WWDC event:

A cool looking church that was across the street from the gardens:

I saw on a bench for a while in the gardens reading my book until some guy sat on the other end. At first I just kept reading my book, but then I noticed that he had taken out a bowl and started smoking pot. Right in the middle of the gardens! It didn't take more than 5 seconds for me to get up and leave!

By this time I was getting hungry so I headed back to Westfield to try the market area of Bristol Farms. Peter was eating lunch at WWDC so I was on my own for lunch. It was sooo super packed! When I was there in the morning it was pretty much dead. I realized that this must be a hot spot for lunchtime! I had a slice of pizza and a salad and ate in the food court while reading more of my book. Then came the best part of lunch...melt!

This place caught my attention when I was there earlier and I made a mental note to come back and try their gelato.

Doesn't this picture just make your mouth water?? I tried their chocolate chip cookie dough gelato and it was delicious!

On the way back to the hotel, I spotted another gathering of the pigeons. So weird!

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