Sunday, December 21, 2008


One guess at who Santa is:

Yup, it's Peter! Steph had the Santa costume at her house since she is the president of Bubby's PTA. We all had some good laughs when Peter dressed up like Santa!  And of course, we all took turns sitting on Santa's lap telling him what we want for Christmas, ha!

This one is a little fuzzy, but I really like it.  Maybe we'll make it our Christmas card next year :)

Peter's been eating lots of extra cookies this year :P

Check out Jeff's elf ears!

A clearer shot of me on Santa's lap:

Santa's eggnog doesn't seem to be sitting well with him... (Check out Peter's crazy expression)

Steph got a picture with Santa too!

Santa got a bit wild and was dancing and falling all over the place:

Other highlights of the evening include going to a new yummy restaurant in Hermitage, fellowship with close friends, seeing the Christmas display at Kraynak's, and of course-Jeff's special hot chocolate! We were very excited this morning to be setting out for a day of fun!

Here are some pictures we took at Kraynak's...

This scene was so cute and rustic which I really liked.


I took a picture of this because it was Disney princesses, but this Belle mannequin didn't look too happy to be in the display haha.

Curious George:

Me and the hubby :)

The nativity scene they had set up was really nice, but it was hard to get a picture of the whole layout, so I just took a picture of Jesus, Mary and Joseph:

Two of our very dear friends: 

Peter posing by some of the outside lights:

Today was a great way to kick off our Christmas break.  Now if we could only get some snow!

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