Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas, Part 1.

We spent December 22-24th Christmasing with my side of the family. We arrived early Monday afternoon and spent the next two days baking cookies, watching Christmas movies, and I accompanied Ash on some last minute shopping trips. We also saw our aunts, uncles, cousins, etc at Garvey Manor again. Here are some pictures from the first half of our trip:

My mom's skinny, fake, too tiny lovely tree. :P

Me and my great Aunt Pat at Garvey:

Present exchange at Garvey:

More presents:

Ash and Drew at Garvey:

My Uncle Randy and Aunt Theresa:

My Uncle Rod and Aunt Posey:

The beautiful table set for Christmas Eve dinner:

Me and the hubby on Christmas Eve:

Drew bought my mom this Cindy Lou Who gone wrong outfit as a joke. I'm pretty sure she loved it though, haha.

Erik was obviously very excited to be there:

Hubby, me and mom's tree:

Me, my Great Aunt Pat, and Ashley:

Bryson loves jumping on bubble wrap:

This is a video from Christmas Eve Eve of Bryson and Uncle Peter playing outside. It was so cute to watch!

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