Saturday, December 20, 2008

Christmas Break: Day 1

As work was coming to an end yesterday, I heard a faint Hallelujah chorus playing.  The volume grew louder when Peter picked me up and we were driving away from work, knowing I wouldn't have to return for 9 glorious days.

Ok, the Hallelujah chorus wasn't really playing, but geez-oh-man was I glad to be starting Christmas break!  With year-end approaching and my ever increasing to-do list, it was getting mighty hectic in the office.  Not to mention the lack of focus and sugar overdose from all of the Christmas goodies pouring in daily from various clients.

Peter had a consulting job to do after work so he wasn't quite on break just yet.  I went with him and dropped him off at his clients to do work for a few hours and went shopping at nearby stores until he was done.  

Today we both woke up to the realizations that 1: it's Saturday and 2: it's our Christmas break!  Granted, it's not like when we were in school and we had a few weeks off, but we've tried to at least be able to take the week of Christmas off each year.  The first year we were married it didn't work out so well because we used all of our time off at work for our honeymoon so last year was the first time we did it.  And it was fun.  Hectic, crazy, tiring, and at time frustrating, but fun.  We've made some modifications to this year's break and are anticipating it to be much better than last year.  Practice makes perfect...or something like that.

Peter just went to Shadyside to sell our old iSight camera since both of our laptops have built-in cameras.  He scored $100 for it from a fellow Craigslister.  Our plans for today include going to Burlington to get the security tag removed from boots I bought last night.  (They missed taking the tag off-good thing we have a Burlington in Monroeville!), returning pants to the Gap Outlet, and the biggest thing on our list: spending time with the Schindels!

Ahh, Christmas break.  :)

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