Thursday, December 18, 2008

Holiday Tour

I uploaded these pictures the weekend we got our tree, but forgot about them and never revisited the draft to make it a post.  So here goes...

In the past year, we've added a few more Christmas decorations to our collection thanks to 90% off prices in January :)

I changed out the roses from this bucket at the bottom of the steps to this sparkly holly pieces.  29 cents each means I filled it for about 90 cents haha.

We don't have an advent wreath, nor do I have a place to really put it, so I made something like comparable to one.  For roughly $20 bucks I purchased the candle holder, candles, and pieces of greens and pine cones.  With a little creativity, this was the finished product.  I love it!  Purple symbolizing repentance, fasting, and the royalty of Christ the King.  Pink symbolizing joy and the rejoicing of the coming King.  And white for the purity and holiness of Christ.  

This is our new tree topper.  It matches our rust and gold ornaments nicely and sparkles form all of the glitter and beads on it.  

In case you missed my older post with our tree, here it is again.  Just lovely :)

Apparently Cadi loves the tree this year too! And she considers herself the best gift :P

Here she is again scoping out a good spot to nap.

One more picture of Cadi.  Doesn't she have a nice profile?  Haha, goofy cat.

Paula gave us this ornament which I think is really cute and rustic looking.

We also inherited Paula's old curio since no one bought it from her on Craigslist.  We love how it looks in the living room and with the light on, it's so cozy.  I've put a couple of our willow tree figures in it as well as some Christmas things for now like the Tiny Tim and Scrooge figures my great aunt Pat made from clay.

Here's a mix of old and new.  The top shelf with the angels and tree are from my mom.  The second shelf has a new bell on it that I picked up for $3 and a bowl to the matching cream and sugar set on the third shelf.  Also on the second shelf is an old wind up musical that was passed from my NeeNee (mom's mom) to my mom and now to me.  The third shelf also has a little snowman couple I purchased for $2.50 when our Boscov's was closing in October.  On the bottom shelf is a tea light holder I got for less than $2, an old bell that belonged to my NeeNee, and a small wreath.

I got a new tablecloth for our table for free which I like a lot because it matches the red and greens I have up this year.  I also got this new cookie jar from JCP this year which I think is adorable.

Last year I had snowman dishes up that my aunt and uncle gave us, but this year I went with the Christmas dishes I purchased on Craigslist back in like March I think.  They are the same set my NeeNee and mom had.  My mom still has her set as well as my Neen's.  I got 12 place settings and a serving set for $35-great deal!  On the bottom is where I put my advent "wreath".

We of course put up the Christmas village again and even have two new pieces to the collection.  They are two small houses Pat made from clay that had snow on them so we put them in our village.  They look great.

I got these little snowmen tea lights from Lowe's 2 years ago for $2.  They match my towels and pot holders very nicely.

Peter set up the nativity this year and I think he did a wonderful job.  I always grew up with the three wise men approaching the manger site.  I like how Peter positioned everyone to be huddled around the baby Jesus.  :)

This is another ornament Paula gave us.  It's one of my favorites.  Click on the image to make it larger so that you can read the tag that goes along with it.  I think it's so neat.  She picked it up at the Arts Center.  An awesome ornamental reminder of the true meaning of Christmas.

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