Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Maybe Not.

I'm so glad that Peter and I packed up first thing on Sunday morning to come home.  It wasn't a bad drive, but I kept falling asleep because I have a cold (of course!) and had a very tiring week.  I guess I'll call it my Christmas cold since last year on the day we drove home from our Christmas travels, I woke up with a cold too.  Peter's mom pumped me full of vitamins and liquid silver because my throat was so sore I could barely swallow when I first woke up.  My throat is actually feeling a ton better than it did on Sunday morning, but I still have a cold with lots of mucus so I'm having trouble sleeping, I'm blowing my nose tons, and my throat gets sore from the drainage.  I'm still taking all kinds of meds (Advil Cold & Sinus, some natural antibiotic Peter's mom gave me and Mucinex).  The Mucinex is helping to break things up so I can breathe-a definite plus!  Maybe I'll kick this cold fast and ring in the new year in good health.  Maybe not.
I'm hoping this cold doesn't result in me going to the ER like last year's cold did.  It feels like it's getting better, but it's always slow moving when I get a cold :(

We haven't even begun to unpack all of our presents.  We unloaded everything in the spare bedroom and said we'd get to it when we got around to it haha.  When we got home on Sunday, I just wanted to relax so that I didn't have to take time off from work haha.  So I didn't exert any energy in unpacking, cleaning, etc.  Maybe this weekend I'll tackle it.  Maybe not.  

I thought about taking down our Christmas tree and other decorations, but I just love sitting in the living room with only the tree lights on and enjoying the scent of pine filling the room.  With being gone for the whole week of Christmas, I feel as if it justifies leaving up the decorations a bit longer to enjoy them.  Maybe I'll decide to take them down this weekend when I tackle cleaning and unpacking.  Maybe not.

Our week off for Christmas sure flew by!  While having a week off was great, traveling all over sure makes the week go faster.  And we are always burned out by the end of the week.  This year we did take like 8 hours off our trip and took out 2 extra stops, but it still seems like more than we'd like.  We'd like to be able to veg out and really relax a bit more.  But we also want to see our family (both sides) so we're kind of at a roadblock for what to do.  Maybe we'll figure out something better for next year.  Maybe not.

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