Sunday, December 21, 2008

Having Ourselves a Very Merry Christmas :)

Since tomorrow begins our tri-city, cross-state Christmas journey, Peter and I decided to exchange gifts and have a pleasant little Christmas to ourselves today.  We were still productive getting laundry done for our trip, packing, etc, but it was great!  We went to church first and gave our pastors cookies we had baked for them with their Christmas cards.  Then we came home to have lunch and rid up the house just a bit from some of the baking, wrapping, etc we had been doing.  After lunch, we wrapped all of the remaining presents we had for our families and did some laundry for the upcoming week.  We also watched Elf, and gave each other our gifts.  We were both really excited and happy with our gifts!  After folding laundry and doing other random things in preparation for our trip, we settled onto the couch to watch some Christmas movie on TV.  We had a simple day, but it was just what we needed.  Time for just us before we begin our Christmas travels.  Christmas is not about families, but it is good to see our families at Christmas time.  But first comes us because Peter and I are our own little family now after all :)

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