Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas, Part 2.

December 25-27th we spent with Peter's side of the family. This year we didn't wake up as early on Christmas day because we were too early at Mima's last year and totally exhausted. We were still up earlier than we'd like to be, but it's a sacrifice we make each year. We started off a Mima's on Christmas Day and then on the 27th Christmassed with Aunt Marian, Nana, etc. Here are some pictures from the time spent with the Formica side of the family:

Uncle Peter and Bella:

Bella loved playing the piano! At one point she even scooched Laura right off the bench. I just love how she moved little by little to reach the different keys.

Somehow taking pictures with Mima, Aunt Grace, etc totally slipped my mind and that's all I have from Christmas Day. The rest are from Sat, Dec 27th.

Exchanging gifts:

More gift exhanging:

Peter and Bella love to play games together. This is something they are often found doing. The other game they enjoy is when Peter puffs his cheeks out and Bella gets to smack them (lightly) to let the puff out. Bella's sweet laugh is so adorable!

This is a bit blurry because Bella loved the camera and smudged it with her cute little nose. I forgot to have Peter clean it before taking pics. Oops!

Mom Formica and Nana:

Sons and wives picture:

Me with Mom Formica, Nana, and Aunt Marian:

Mother/Daughters picture:

All of the ladies in attendance on Saturday:

Me with Ruthann and Vasti, my sisters-in-law:

A great family photo:

Bella helps Grandpa load the dishwasher:

It was such a sweet moment shared between Bella and her grandpa that I captured a bit of it on video:

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