Monday, February 28, 2011

Weekend Recap

Since my aunt no longer needs surgery, Peter and I had an unplanned and unexpected long weekend at home.

I worked for 3 hours on Thursday and was home by lunch time. We spent the afternoon at home checking out what was on daytime TV. We met up for dinner with Jeff at Mad Mex in Robinson and then did some shopping at Ikea and Kohls. We weren't out too late and were home by 9 PM to veg out.

We didn't have any plans for Friday because we were waiting to hear from my Aunt. It was still up in the air as to what was going to happen next. For all we knew, we could have been driving out to Cleveland later that day. I was able to watch Ellen and Rachael Ray for the first time in...years? When we spoke to Paula in the afternoon and heard of the great news of her not needing surgery, we were suddenly aware that we had a wide open weekend ahead of us. We decided to make the most of it and headed out to lunch and to be-bop around Monroeville. We went to the Olive Garden for lunch and were so glad to just have a random Friday afternoon free! We ran some errands, did some grocery shopping, and enjoyed being able to be together on a weekday. That evening we made dinner at home and rented two movies. It's been a long time since we watched back-to-back movies! It reminded us of our college days. :) We rented "Red" and "Takers" - both good movies!

By the time Saturday morning rolled around, I felt like it should've been Tuesday. Having so much extra time at home and with Peter was fabulous! We enjoyed another relaxed morning together. We ate breakfast, did some laundry, and watched "Armageddon". I forgot just how much I loved that movie! We were invited to the Benders for dessert and games that evening and added last minute dinner plans with my brother and his fiancee before that. We met Mark and Jackie at Yokoso, a hibachi place at the Waterfront. We ended up being so late to get to the Benders. We had a 6 o'clock reservation, but weren't seating until 6:30. We arrived at Matt and Erin's closer to 8:30 than the planned upon 7:30. The Balkeys and Alldrins were there too and we had a fun time hanging out and playing "Mexican Dominos" and a homemade game called "Fish Bowl". Both were new games to us and we loved them! Erin also made an awesome Chocolate Raspberry Trifle dessert. It was deeeeelicious!

After church and a congregational meeting, we spent the afternoon at home. I did some cleaning while Peter went to pick up our new TV stand. We spent the evening making Asian Chicken Salads and watching the Oscars.

I am so thankful for an extra, extra long weekend. Since we were originally going to be out of town, we had no plans and were open to whatever. We were able to meet up with friends/family a few times, eat yummy meals, do a little shopping, run some errands, and so some cleaning. Productive and fun all in one (long) weekend!

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