Monday, February 21, 2011

Fun New Stuff

This weekend, Peter and I did a bit of shopping. We didn't have anything specific that we needed to get, but just wanted to go out and browse and see if we stumbled on anything good. I love shopping trips like this because it seems so much more relaxed than if we're looking for something specific. Maybe because when I'm searching for something specific, I can never find it...

A few weeks ago we were at Marshalls and I saw a case that I almost bought for my phone. It was only $8 and I was going to have Peter check it out, but forgot to before leaving. It didn't matter to me since I wasn't in need of a new case (even though my current one is cracked from the many times that it's been dropped). This weekend I was back in the same Marshalls and wanted to see if it was still there...and it was! And it was on clearance! It is the gunmetal grey colored case on the right in the picture below. $6 instead of $8. Sweet! But then I stumbled upon the rust orange case for $4! One of my favorite colors and even cheaper! Double sweet! For a grand total of $10 (plus tax), I got two new cases for my phone. :) They are incase brand, which my hubby tells me is a good brand. And they slide on just like I like. It covers the sides and the back, but isn't too bulky and doesn't cover any of the screen/buttons. Perfect! It's not often that we find something "decorative" for me, "practical" for Peter, and cheap! What a trifecta. Peter should be proud of me for just using the word "trifecta".

I've been using the rust colored case for a day and already love it! It's like having a new phone! :)
I currently have about $50 in Kohl's gift cards and merchandise credit from Christmas, etc.. Usually I find a ton of great things at Kohl's. I know I just have to hang onto it and great things will come in time, haha. I did manage to use $7 from the $50. $3 was on this adorable little "love" plate. It was a valentine's clearance item at 80% off. So cute!

The other $4 was on this bracelet (also 80% off). I plan to remove the flower charm from it. I received this great Stella and Dot bracelet for Christmas from Matt, Ruthann, Wesley, and Zack. I love it and wear it all the time. I've been so tempted to get the turquoise one, but am hoping it goes on clearance eventually. $34 is just not what I spend on jewelry. I know, I'm cheap, haha! For now, this little $4 beauty will do me just fine. :)

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Karen said...

Love the love plate! I found some great Valentine's goodies at Pat Catan's on clearance!