Sunday, January 4, 2009

Unpacking Christmas

We finally started the task of unpacking from our Christmas travels.  Since we both have colds, we've just been resting and putting it off.  We realized we had better do some laundry, since it's been over 2 weeks since we've done any.  But before we could do that, we had to unpack!  I was able to unpack my suitcase and put those items away.  Peter's going to unpack his in a few minutes.  I also unpacked all of our presents from their boxes, bags, etc.  Christmas week went by so quickly that neither of us really got to appreciate all of the fabulous gifts we received.  

I originally began setting all of our presents on the bed so that Peter and I could look at them together and put away accordingly, but it looked so nice that I snapped a few pictures.  

This isn't even everything!  Not pictured are Peter's new boots from me, my new winter coat from Peter, and a dress and shirt I picked out and Peter got me for Christmas. 

Here are two closer pictures to give you more of an idea of what we received:

Curious what everything is?  Here's a list of our gifts and who we received them from:

Jeff/Steph: Max Lucado CD/workbook "Building a Godly Home".

Peter: winter coat, dress, shirt, tights, blender with food processor (not pictured either), memory box, chocolate covered pretzels and dark chocolate pieces from Gardner's, 2 in 1 Karen Kingsbury books (all for Mal).

Mal: winter boots, day-by-day The Office calendar, 3 James Bond movies, brown dress socks, shirt, snowman ornament, matching cufflinks and tie clip (all for Peter).

Mom/Dad Bevan: Lots of clothes!  Including pjs, sweaters, a skirt, and camisoles for Mal and sweaters and shirts for Peter.

Ashley/Drew: Jingle bell wreath and door hanger, 2 harvest leaf candles and a TinTin comic book.

Mark: Navy blue flannel sheets.

Randy/Theresa: Christmas basket with a huge bag of M&Ms, a giant bottle of wine, a Yankee candle, and chocolate peanut butter pretzels.

Rod/Posey: Lavender diffuser.

Mima: colander, model car, Italian cookbook, 2.5 quart pot with lid, flower plaque.

Aunt Grace/Uncle Michael/Laura/John-Paul: 2 Lenox ornaments, 2 Willow Tree figures, Cranberry spice set for Mal, mini colognes/perfumes/lotions, candle, ties, Chicken recipes cookbook.

Tim/Vasti: Necklace and perfume for Mal, Pink Floyd music video "Dark Side of the Moon".  

Matt/Ruthann: Necklace for Mal, earmuffs for Peter.

Aunt Marian: Mutual Funds for Dummies and Financial workbook.

Nana: Generous check.

Mom/Dad Formica: bud vase, bear keychain and mini soap.

We also go various gifts from coworkers/bosses: pjs, restaurant gift card, M&Ms, slipper socks, silicon hot pad, light up snowman, cash bonus and a Kohl's gift card.  None of these are pictured either because we had put them away before Christmas.

We think that's everything!  If you read this and notice a mistake or something we missed, please know it wasn't intentional and if you let us know we'll make the correction!

We are really blessed to have family/friends that care about us so much.  We have an overload of wonderful presents this year.  Many items are things we specifically mentioned we could use (colander, pot, sheets, etc) and it was so great to receive those items.  All of our presents are things we like and will use so we are really grateful for each gift. 

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