Friday, January 23, 2009

The Fun and the Not So Fun...

Well it finally happened.  Penn Hills got a decent amount of snow this past weekend and that of course meant the hubby and I bundled up for some snowy fun.  After our recent let down when Andrew was here (was supposed to snow 8 inches-actually snowed 2), we returned the sleds we had bought so sledding wasn't an option.  Snow angels and a snow ball fight were though!  

Here we are all bundled for our snowy fun.

If you look carefully, you can see our fallen fence in this picture.  We were always thinking of removing it so this pretty much seals the deal.  We'll just have to wait til everything melts to get rid of it.

We were going to build a snowman, but when Peter was attempting it, we realized the snow was too fluffy.  Oh well!

This is how much snow we had when we got home from church on Sunday.  After we came inside, it snowed a few more inches.

Here's my snow angel:

And Peter's.  He didn't really make big enough wings haha.  I think he got snow up the back of his shirt so he didn't want to move and get more snow on his skin.  I'll have to help him layer next time :P

Our little bench all covered in snow...

And our wheelbarrow full of snow:

This is what the yard looked like when we were done.  We had a great time of throwing snowballs and running around like kids.  :)

And here's us right before we came in.  A little covered with snow and laughing lots :)

And Peter got me these beautiful flowers.  Aren't they so pretty?  I love the shades of purple.  And daisies, especially gerber daisies, are my fave!

...And the not so fun...
Thursday night our hot water pipes in the kitchen froze.  We did still have hot water in the bathroom though so that was good!  We put a space heater in the garage to warm up where the pipes are and on Sunday morning when we woke up, they were unfrozen!  And no harm done to the pipes.

So we ran the dishwasher.  We have an older house and our dishwasher is portable.  So we hooked it up to the sink and when we came back later to unhook everything, our sink was centimeters from overflowing.  

Apparently our drain pipe was frozen too.  Not quite.  More like clogged.  How it got clogged when it wasn't used for 3 days is beyond me.  Maybe it had something to do with the frozen pipes.  After trying baking soda and vinegar, drain-o, a plunger, and everything else we could think of, we gave in and called a plumber.

Not gonna lie...the plumbers ripped us off.  Long story short, they charged us for 2 plumbers per hour instead of the one we were told and the second plumber didn't do anything and was on the phone with a friend the entire time.  So we paid an extra $62.50 for a total of $160.  It was worth it since other places we called said about the same amount and our sink was unclogged, but seriously.  They were shiesty.  No repeat business from us!  

Remember the near fire Peter started with burning chips?  Apparently I wanted to give him some competition.  Last night when I was making homemade applesauce, I was so excited because I love the smell that fills my kitchen when the apples are cooking.  

But then...I completely forgot about the apples cooking on the stove.  

That is until I see smoke coming from the kitchen.  Oops.  All of the water and juice cooked up so the apples were burning like crazy in the pot.  Thank goodness for T-fal!  The wooden spoon scraped the burnt apple pieces right out.  I dump them into the sink and the entire kitchen, dining room, and living room were filled with smoke.  

Again, Peter and I laughed.  But I was also ticked because I was really looking forward to eating homemade applesauce.  After opening windows, turning on the fan in the kitchen, and pouring water over the burnt apple mess to cool it off, I put the burnt mess in the trash and we called it a night.  

We stopped at Wal-Mart on the way home tonight and tons of their produce was on sale so I snatched up a bunch.  I bought apples for less than $1/pound (to make the applesauce I never got), green peppers for 68 cents each, red/orange/yellow peppers for $1 each, and other yummy cheap produce!  Looks like I'll be spending lots of time in the kitchen this weekend.  I've missed cooking and baking with the pipes being frozen and then the drain being clogged so I'll be happy to be back :)

But for now, it's time to catch some sleep!

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RU said...

yeah for snow! White and winter wonderland!
I was happy our snow was melted from today's heat- less of a chance to slip on the sidewalks!