Sunday, February 17, 2008

Wheaton College

Today we slept in and bummed around the hotel for a bit.  We even took a dip in the hot tub and tried the pool but it was too cold!  We went in the hot tub first also so that didn't help with how cold the pool felt.  Oh well!  We had breakfast at the hotel again which is really great because they have all kinds of muffins, cereal, bagels, fruit, breakfast sandwiches, waffles and juices so we don't have to worry about grabbing breakfast out somewhere.  We took showers after our hot tub dip and then eventually rolled out to Andrew's apartment. 

 We went to the cafeteria on campus for lunch and met his friend Jackie who seemed really nice.  She probably thought we were nutcases though because Peter and I just talk and ramble and make fun of each other all the time haha.  Then we stopped and played pool and pingpong in the student center.  The student center they have on campus is completely awesome!  They have tons of rooms with chairs and couches and fire places.  Plus a room with games and a big screen TV in it.  I liked that there were several rooms with doors etc on them for reading and stuff.  Geneva had one big room so it got noisy pretty easily.  Andrew also gave us a tour of the campus which is a really nice campus!  See for yourself...

They even have this mini museum in the bottom of one of the buildings.  I thought this display was pretty cool:

They also had a whole exhibit of Jesus's death and resurrection.  

The "heaven" room:

I tried taking a nice picture of Peter and Andrew while we were there, but with these two, it just didn't happen haha.
I'm excited to go back in the springtime when we can walk around more without being freezing!  It wasn't too cold on Sunday-in the 40's so it was at least bearable.  But Saturday was coooooold!  

After our tour, we went to the grocery store so Andrew could stock up on some food and we could get stuff to make dinner.  I made Chicken Tortellini for us and some of Andrew's friends.  We served it with garlic toast and salad and it was yummy!  We watched the finale of "American Gladiators" at Andrew's apartment which was fun.  We had a good time hanging out and meeting Andrew's friends.  There was poker night going on later so we hung out for a while and Peter and I grabbed some Starbucks around 9PM so we wouldn't be so tired (it didn't work haha) and we played poker for a bit later on.  I didn't play because I didn't really know how to totally so I was on Peter's team haha.  

When we got back to the hotel room, the room was filled with such a great fragrance from the flowers!  More of the lilies opened and it made the bouquet even more beautiful and we really enjoyed taking in the smell!