Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Happy Birthday to me!

Today I turned 24.  Do I feel older?  Nope.  haha

Even though I had to work all day, I had a good day.  Work was relatively easy--meaning no major stress, but the best part was that I went out to lunch with Peter!  I took about an hour off just to go to lunch.  It was absolutely wonderful.  Such a great break in the midst of work.  Peter picked me up at work and brought me beautiful flowers!

Peter knows I'm not a rose girl.  My favorite flower is gerber daisies and I love blended mixes because they are just more colorful and prettier with the variety of flowers in one vase.  These ones definitely brighten up my desk!  

See?  Told ya they were beautiful!  They had daisies, morning glories, mini carnations (which I really like also), ferns, roses, and more!

We went to Eat N Park and split a Chicken Portabella Hoagie (one of my favorite sandwiches!) and got the salad bar.  It was such a yummy lunch but the company was what made it so excellent.  It was pouring when we were leaving so Peter went to pull the car around like he always does-he's such a sweetheart.  :)  While I was waiting for him, I had opened the door for folks running in from the rain.  One lady had an umbrella and saw that I didn't and that Peter was turning the car around so that the passenger door was closer and she actually waited and walked me out to the car under her umbrella.  She said she was reciprocating my kindness of opening the door.  It was such a small gesture, but really was thoughtful.  I never encountered a stranger who went that much out of their way to be nice.  I've had people hold doors for me as I walk in behind them, etc but she actually waited a few minutes.  Her husband laughed because he thought she was trying to dry the umbrella and she said no she was waiting to walk me out and he said to just give me the umbrella because they have 10 others just like it and winked at her.  I wish I could encounter more folks like her.  

Anyways after lunch we stopped at Starbucks and I got a Chai Frappuccino :)  Going back to work was kind of a bummer but it was nice to know in 3 hours I would see my hubby again!  

I also went to my first ever chiropractic appointment today.  My back has been hurting and it got exceptionally worse this week so Peter thought it was worth a shot since we only pay a $10 copay with his insurance and then can submit it to my BOF for reimbursement so it's basically free.  So we went.  Apparently I had misaligned my right hip.  I was told before that one of my legs was shorter than the other but didn't know it was "misaligned".  I'm still trying to decide if I like it or not because I'm feeling sore right now but that was said to be expected.  My body was used to how it was and he kind threw things out of wack...well into wack,but not what my body is used to haha.  We have another appointment on Friday so we'll see.

Here's one last picture I took at work while I was taking pictures of my flowers:
It's of my every growing collection of pictures of my love :)

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