Friday, February 15, 2008


When we arrived at our hotel in Chicago, I found these beautiful flowers waiting on the desk for me!  Peter told me I'd be getting part of my Valentine's present when we got there, but I didn't expect flowers!  He didn't want to give them to me Thursday because we were leaving Friday afternoon and I wouldn't have been able to enjoy them.  So instead he arranged for them to be waiting for me in Chicago!  It was so sweet and they smelled incredible!  These pictures don't do them justice...

Obviously you can tell that we had been up early on Friday because I went to work until 12:30.  Then we went right to the airport for our afternoon flight.  After landing in Chicago, we got a cab ride to Enterprise for our rental car.  It was cheaper 5 miles down the road even after adding in cab fare.  After getting our rental we drove in rush hour construction ridden traffic to the hotel haha.  We were hungry and exhausted but ready to have a good time!  

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