Thursday, February 28, 2008

Week in review...

I am so glad that this week is almost over.  One more day and it's the weekend!  Unfortunately, when I woke up this morning I felt like I was fighting something.  Now, over 12 hrs later, I feel like I'm battling a fever and sore throat-great.  Apparently there are tons of folks at work who are sick with bronchitis, pneumonia, stomach flus.....and they for some reason just come to work anyways which just spreads germs.  And I'm sure to catch anything that is near me.  I popped some Vitamin C this morning in hopes to ward off anything lurking about with the intentions of attacking my immune system. 

I think my major lack of sleep is also playing a role in feeling under the weather.  Cadi had been keeping me up/waking me up in the middle of the night two nights this week.  And then last night I felt like my throat was sore so it was hard to get good rest.  I was up pretty much every other hour to get a drink and try to alleviate how dried out my head was.  

Not to mention the fact that we had to fire someone this week and he didn't take it too well.  After having him leave the building, he lurked outside for an hour which made my boss scared to leave at the end of the day.  Our VP (a bigger guy) escorted her and another lady out.  Apparently shortly after that he returned to our downtown office and I'm not sure what exactly happened, but he had to be removed by guards.  It's a shame because he was a very quiet, polite guy and was always nice to me, but was fired for basically not showing up for some work things.  We then had to fire a girl today.  She took it much better and was just a little confused.  I don't think she's the brightest bulb in the chandelier though haha.  

This week I also got my annual review and I got a major raise!  I'm glad because we've been extra busy at work so it's good to see that all the work I've been doing hasn't gone unnoticed.  

Other than that, I've made up a new meal haha.  Last night I formulated my own recipe for a Turkey Meatball Stew kind of thing.  I put it in the crock pot this morning and let it cook all day.  It really hit the spot when we got home.  It was hearty and warm-perfect thing for a very cold day and not feeling that well!  The stew included fresh cut russet potatoes, fresh chopped carrots, fresh baby portobello mushrooms and homemade ground turkey mini meatballs.  I used a large can of cream of mushroom and small can of condensed cream of broccoli soup with a bit of water for the base.  Best thing about it is that I'll be able to freeze some of it since it made a lot and be able to pop it on the stove and have a meal in about a half hour at a later time.  I love cooking and making up new recipes.  

Now it's time to hit the sack in hopes of getting a better nights sleep and waking up to not being sick!

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