Sunday, February 24, 2008

Date Night!

Yesterday Peter and I had a date night.  We have been so busy visiting with family and friends on the weekends and Peter was out of town one weekend that it's been a while since it's been just us together.  We initially planned on being out of town again this weekend in Hollidaysburg but on Friday it was pretty nasty out with snow and ice so we decided to postpone our trip until March.  

We spent the morning and early afternoon lounging around and vegging out watching "Rush Hour" and some other things on TV.  We left the house around 3:30 for a 4:00 movie at the dollar theater.  For $1.98 we saw "PS I love you".  It was a cute movie and the scenery in Ireland was amazing!  Some of the movie was kind of unrealistic, but overall we both really enjoyed it.  I thought that I would cry during the movie but I actually didn't.  There were sad parts, but nothing that actually made me cry.  I do think he was sweet for doing the letters, etc. and thinking of how she would deal with life after he died.  

After the movie, we went to Olive Garden for dinner where we stuffed ourselves with salad, breadsticks and pasta.  I had Chicken Scampi (without the onions) and Peter had Tuscan Garlic Chicken.  They were actually pretty similar.  I have had the scampi before and knew I liked it.  The only differences were that mine was with angel hair pasta and Peter's had curled fettucini and that Peter's had chicken breasts while mine was chicken tenderloins.  Plus Peter's had spinach in it.  But basically, very similar.  Both yummy though!  I ended up bringing half of mine home with almost an entire bowl of their salad and extra breadsticks.  I also got a piece of the Black Tie Mousse Cake to go.  Our waiter was very cool and so we decided to give him a nice tip.  In the end we spent under $20 (including the $10 tip) because we had a $25 gift card.  

We stopped at the mall on our way home to return a skirt I had bought and to pick up my ring from Valentine's Day.  I had to send it out to be sized and with the holiday, it took an extra long time.  I was pumped to finally get it!  It's so pretty :)  I also found a cute black polo shirt at JCP for $2.97 haha.  It's not a regular polo so I like the puff sleeves and big buttons.  

We got home around 10PM and continued our veg out process from the morning.  We changed into PJs and watched some more tv and just had a great day together! :)

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