Friday, September 2, 2011

Mark and Jackie's Wedding!

Well, Jackie is officially a Bevan! The day was fun and exhausting! Here's a recap in pictures. I didn't have my camera so we don't have any pictures until the ceremony and after when Peter was able to take some with the camera.

Me and Ash shorting before the ceremony began:
Moms lighting the candles:
Mark waiting for his bride:
This was the same church that my parents and Jackie's parents got married in 39 years ago! So cool!

Mark and Jackie used the unity candles given to their parents 39 years ago as the candles they used to light their unity candle.  I thought that was extra special and so unique! 
Being pronounced Mr. & Mrs. Mark Bevan:

Mark first high-gives Henry...
Then kisses Jackie! haha
My parents coming into the reception hall at Blue Knob:
Ashley and Jackie's brother, Jake, coming in:
Me and Cory:
Me and the hubs!
Full length shot. It's not often we're this dolled up so we wanted to be sure to take a picture of it. :)
Ashley and Drew:
Time to chow down and have some fun!
The beautiful bride!
My mom and her long-time friend, Nancy.
Nikki and Erik:
Drew being classy as always.
Time to dance!
Mark and Robbie:
Cutting the cake:
They were both very nice about it.
Random shot:

Mark and Jackie's first dance:

This is a picture of my mom with a bunch of her long-time friends, including my godparents.
Jackie dancing with her father:
Me and Ash again:
Me and Paula:
My lovely parents dancing:
Me and dad at the end of the night:

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