Saturday, September 10, 2011

Kill Devil Hills OBX

Ahh, vacation! I miss it already!

We headed out early on Saturday from my parents' house. Lucky for us, that put us a little closer to the beach than if we were leaving from our house. We went a slightly different way and avoided the DC belts which was great! The drive actually didn't seem that long and we never got stuck in heavy traffic for long periods of time. Not to say there weren't a few knuckleheads along the way haha.

Mallory St! We only see this when we're on our way to the beach! :)

Crossing over the Chesapeake...

Starting to get excited to be getting so close!

We found a great deal on a new house this year. The pictures looked amazing and it definitely lived up to the expectation! While there were a few issues with a breaker box/hot water and the TV in the main living room, it was still a great house. We were also lucky since the house beside us and across the street from us was totally boarded up from the hurricane.

This is what you see when you walk in the front door. It's a game room with couches, a big screen TV, and shuffleboard. It also leads out to the pool/back yard.

When you walk up the stairs, you get to the dining room.

Off the dining room is one bedroom with its own bathroom. This is where Andrew stayed.

The view from the dining room/kitchen. It's the back yard and the ocean. Hard to tell from the picture, though.

This is the living room. Super comfy leather sofas!

The kitchen was in the corner between the living room and dining room. Very open - perfect for a vacation house!

On the third story was 2 bedrooms and a small game room area.

This was our bedroom. King-sized bed!

When we watched tv, it was usually while in bed since the main living room TV was broken all week. Our bathroom was awesome with a glass shower and separate jetted tub.

This was the view from the third floor. We could see the ocean! :)

It's hard to get a good picture of the bathroom, but this was ours.

This was the small game room with a poker table, TV, and air hockey table.

This was the other bedroom upstairs. Just like the one Andrew stayed in on the 2nd floor.

There was a pool, cement deck, and great yard space.

There was also a deck with rocking chairs on the ground level in addition to a second deck off the dining room with a dining table with chairs where we ate a few meals.

It was so relaxing to spend time in the pool. I read 1 book in 3 days. :)

The first day or so we just spent our time at the house because we were having so much fun. We grilled out, played games, read, and just had a great, relaxing time. This is a picture of one of our dinners we cooked: Grilled chicken, corn on the cob, caprese salad, and rice. Yum!

The beach was super crowded on Sunday-Monday, but the rest of the week was much more sparse.

Blue skies and ocean waves = so relaxing!

It was windy enough to even fly a kite.  Here's Peter and Andrew down the beach getting ready to fly a kite that they've had for years.

You can't see the kite in these pictures, but it's there.  See the string and reel in Peter's hands? :)

One evening we decided to go mini golfing.  Here's the 3 of us right before leaving.

I tried to get a nice picture of the boys, but this is what I got:

This one's better!

Me and the hubs:

We took Andrew to a place we went a few years go that has great mini golf courses.

Andrew picked up pretty much the smallest club.  Pretty sure it was for little kids.

So he had to play like this for the entire time.  We offered to wait while he switched it out, but he didn't want to haha.

My turn!

Why is mini golfing a must on vacations? :)

My hair was hanging in my face so I had to pull it back haha.

A few more shots of mini golfing:

The next afternoon we decided to go out for lunch to the Outer Banks Brewing Station.  It's cheaper for lunch and much less crowded!

Peter and Andrew enjoyed some Doghouse Tripel.  Peter and I also shared some Cream Soda - best we ever had!  Soooo delicious!

Outside the restaurant:

That night I tried to get some pictures of the sunset and dusk at the beach.  The pictures came out ok.

Andrew left part way through the week and after that, Peter and I were total beach bums.  I don't even have many pictures from the last few days haha.

Our last night we did go back to the Brewing Station for some more of the delicious crab bisque I had the first time and for some more Cream Soda!

Enjoying the Cream Soda! We would definitely buy some to bring back with us if they sold it.  Unfortunately, they only sell it in the restaurant.

My yummy dinner - salad and soup!

We are so thankful to be able to get time off and afford a trip like this.  It's definitely good for our souls to get away and have some fun without schedules and places to be, work to do, etc.  We love the Outer Banks and have been having fun staying in different areas each time we visit.  Next time we may try further south near Hatteras or Rodanthe - depending on their condition!

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