Thursday, October 13, 2011

Flea Free!?

Well, it's been a LONG battle with fleas.  Cadi is strictly an indoor only cat and it boggles my mind that we ended up with fleas.  I found the on her like 8 weeks ago.  We treated her right away.  We tried the less harmful (read: no chemical) versions of trying to get rid of the fleas in the house.  One such treatment included spraying things with lemon water.  Dumbest advice ever!  It was like the fleas thought we were throwing them a lemonade party!  We eventually got spray and carpet powder and were in a furry of washing sheets, towels, etc. every other day, if not daily to try to get rid of the fleas.  Before heading out on vacation, we hadn't seen a flea in 7-10 days so we thought we were in the clear.  Unfortunately, our arrival home from vacation was a DISASTER!  After bombing the house, we had a few flea stragglers, but we have officially not seen any fleas in more than 3 weeks.  We even went to West Virginia and came back to no fleas!  I don't want to jinx it, but I think that we can officially say we're flea free.  I know there's always a chance they will come back and if that happens, then I'll just be prepared to burn down the house.  I kid!  Although, this has been one of the most nerve-wracking experiences of my life.  I'm so glad to HOPEFULLY be done with fleas!

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